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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Adopt

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Discover More About Adoption

Adoption Discovery Gave Us The Tools We Needed


"The Adoption Discovery program did so much to prepare us for what we experienced working through DFCS. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you guys in the future to help other couples like us find their perfect child."

- Brian, Andrea and Maya Grace

Adoption Discovery can help you with unbiased information about domestic, international, birth mother,

foster care or relative adoption.

80 Million Consider Adoption.. But Only 1% Do It...


Why Is That??

For over a decade we have been helping, we know what works to help you adopt.

Most potential adopters get stuck on 1 of these 3 issues...

#3) "I'm not sure I can get through all the red tape..."
#2) "Adoption takes too long..."

And the biggest of them all, which we hear most often...

#1) "I can't afford it."


Save Time

" was a ton of useful information. They began to explain the different avenues you can take to adopt and we left there feeling hopeful that we too could adopt.... four months later and we proudly announced a finalized adoption "

- Jimmy


Save Money

"We have completed three adoptions now and not one of them has cost us a dime, we could not believe it was actually possible! It is."

- Gene



Save Sanity

"Oh how I wish we had known of these wonderful people sooner! It would have went a long way to not only educate us about the process, but would have alleviated so many of our concerns and questions."

- Kam

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We Ended Up Fostering 50 Kids And We Adopted 5!

"When we first started, we didn't know anything about international adoption versus domestic, private or even about foster care adoption. They really helped us through the class we could make an informed decision for ourselves."

"As we where going through the process, our first agency wasn't really a good fit and we got really discouraged and almost dropped the idea. But luckily, (Adoption Discovery) came up behind us and encouraged us to go with another agency.

"In over 15 years, we ended up fostering short-term and long-term 50 kids and we adopted 5! And now, we're one big happy family!"

Adoption Made Our Family!"

We feel so deeply thankful for the support of Adoption Discovery during our process. The information provided not only helped us make an educated decision for our family, but was instrumental in helping us be on the 'same page' as a couple."

~ Kevin, Sharon and Kinzie

Journey to Josie

"I am so grateful for the ministry of Adoption Discovery. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering opening their home to a child in need to attend Adoption Discovery. It will change your family forever. I know it did for ours."

~ Andrew, Nicole, and Josie

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Adopt